Protecting Your Data

SkyPixGroup has partnered with Frontier Technologies to bring in additional capability of data security and artificial intelligence, because drones are essentially a new active, efficient way to collect data, manipulate, and deliver it in an actionable way to the client.

The Opportunity:

Use cutting-edge technologies to radically improve your safety and ROI.

  • Drones
  • AI
  • Cybersecurity

Utilities Inspection Challenges

• Manual and helicopter inspections put your team at risk – 17% of workplace fatalities occur in the utilities industry.

• Companies waste time and money using costly inspection processes – Inspecting can take weeks.

• Rising occurrence of natural disasters – $306 Billion alone in damages from natural disasters.

Revolutionizing Inspections:


Improve safety with remote drone inspections

• Augment employee tasks at ground level

• Zero safety incidents

• Save time – minutes, not weeks

• Process and share data in real time

• Communicate across teams


Underlying the system is a self-improving intelligence

• Predict outages

• Automate data analytics

• Enhance team’s capacity

• Improve ROI

• Visual recognition – algorithms inspect for you


We use a cybersecurity-first philosophy in every project

• Protect your data

• Stay ahead of the curve

• Use a drone provider who mitigates risk

Read About Our Partnership with Frontier Technologies:

Frontier Technologies and SkyPixGroup announce a unique partnership, bringing together the innovative drone industry with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence in new, imaginative ways that create unmatched ROI for their clients. But, what both companies feel is one of their most important value propositions, is the special attention they pay to cybersecurity.

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